Never Give Up

Does it seem you're are alone

When the right thing should be done?

It's hard to stand for what is right and good.

So be strong in what you do;

God  is there to see you through;

There's vict'ry when you do the things you should.

Never give up,

Never drop out,

Although you think that you're the only one.

Keep on going,

Keep on running,

Until at last the final race is won. . .

Like juicy pickles, these stories and poems burst with sweet, sour, and                   sassy flavors. Explore the fears and dreams of the teen world.

A Squirrel Got in the House

"Look, Grandpa. I lost my wiggly tooth." Linda opened her mouth to show him the empty spot.

Grandpa looked closely at the gap. "Well, well, how did that happen?"

Linda liked to visit with Grandpa. Sometimes he gave her cookies and milk. "A squirrel got in the house." She sipped her cold milk. 

Grandpa winked. "A squirrel took your tooth?"

"Linda smiled and shook her head. "No, Grandpa. The squirrel was in the bedroom, but he ran out when Daddy opened the door.

Grandpa handed Linda a peanut butter cookie. "I know! He was sleeping in your bed, and found your tooth under the pillow."

Linda giggled. "No, Grandpa.The squirrel was stuck in the house and wanted to get out. He ran across the living room and over the couch. He tried to get out of the window, but it was shut."

Grandpa sat down next to Linda. " What did you do?"  . . . 

Chelsea's Check

It was Christmas time at school, with lessons competing with the energy and excitement of the season. But there was one lesson that a kindergartener taught me. 

A little five -year old girl listened intently as I told the class of another little girl, burning with the fever of meningitis in the children's hospital . . . 

The next afternoon, just as school dimissed, the little girl dug into her coat pocket to retrieve a shiny quarter. She slipped it through the slot in the can, and it clunked to the bottom. With a frown, she shook the can and commented sadly, "There's not very much in there. I wish I could put in more, but I only have 25 cents . .

With the thrill of anticipation, enjoy the assorted flavors of Christmas. 

Like balls of bubble gum, each story has its own color and taste. Enjoy these dreams and adventures of childhood.

Like shelves in an old-fashioned country store, these books contain something for everyone. You'll find laughter, tears, and sighs within their short stories and poetry.

writer / educator

Yvonne Beverly Blake

Who Knows? 

Follow me around the world.

We'll sail the briny seas, climb mountains,

and stroll along sandy beaches. 

Jacques pushed the screen door wide open, stretching the old spring to the limit of its twanging disapproval before it slammed shut behind him. He expected to hear Mum scold him, as she had for the last eighteen years, but she only said, “Don’t be gone long.”

How long is long? How long is the step from home to who-knows-where? 

 He trotted down the path through the pines. The sunbaked needles were soft underfoot, reminding him of when he and Thomas camped by themselves for the first time—far enough from the house to feel alone, but close enough to see the kitchen light. Thomas barked at every nighttime creature, especially at the sound of approaching footsteps. The sound of Papa’s voice both relieved and comforted him.

 The path sloped down a steep hill, where he had once lost control of his bicycle and scraped his leg. The scar was still there. The trail emptied onto the rocky shore. Sometimes the waves barely moved, swaying back and forth upon the sand. Today they acted like unruly children, chasing each other before the wind. They smashed and crashed upon the rocks, sending spit and foam into the air. A sea gull squawked as it swooped to capture an unprotected crab . .  .